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About Us

Our Mission and Purpose

Sea Wanderer is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to remove plastic waste from our nation's coastline and prevent it from entering the marine environment through research, community outreach, and education. Our programs include beach cleanups, and beach camps for teens who wish to pursue careers in marine conservation. Through these programs, we will create a healthy living environment for communities and marine animals, raise awareness of issues caused by marine debris, and inspire future generations to continue our mission.

We're up for the Challenge!

Join our cause and help your community: Become a Sea Wanderer!

We are recruiting volunteers for our special events, programs, and clerical assistance. Want to be a part of our team? Click here or on the Volunteer tab and fill out the short form to register!

Benefits of Volunteering:

-Learn about plastic pollution and its effect on you, marine animals, and the ecosystem

-Earn volunteer credit(s) for school or community service programs

-Some employers offer a grant to nonprofits for a certain amount of hours volunteered. Ask your HR department to find out.

-Meet new people and be a part of an awesome team that helps marine animals and their habitat!

For more information about volunteer opportunities, you can contact Ashley Christensen at

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