Our Staff

Ashley and Gatlin are from a small town in South Carolina. They moved to Texas about a year ago and started volunteering for sea turtle patrols with Turtle Island Restoration Network (TIRN). Sea Wanderer was founded in May of 2017 after a typical vacation to the Bahama's. They encountered different marine animals and enjoyed learning about their lives and problems they faced. Learning that we, humans, are the main cause for all of the issues marine animals face on a daily basis, they were ready to make a change. They grew a passion for educating communities about the dangers marine animals have and showing them how we can change. They enjoy being hands-on with volunteers and teaching youth about marine conservation. They also enjoy rugby and their favorite team is the New Zealand All Blacks. You can reach them at info@theseawanderer.org or by calling (832) 340-0303.
Brittany Cloessner has a B.S. in Marine Biology from the College of Charleston and a Master of Professional Science degree in Marine Conservation from University of Miami's Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science. She has been involved in behavioral, cognition, abundance, and acoustic research projects involving bottlenose dolphins, California sea lions, and Kemps Ridley sea turtles, as well as emergence and hatch success research projects involving Loggerhead sea turtles. In particular, her Master's thesis involved the whistle rate and familiarity of bottlenose dolphins in a managed care setting, and is currently under peer review for publication. She also has extensive experience with marine conservation outreach activities, creating one-on-one connections with people of all ages and inspiring others to help protect the marine environment and the animals that live in it.
As Executive Director, she is responsible for carrying out the direction set by the Sea Wanderer's co-founders. She resides in the Galveston area and enjoys many different outdoor activities, as well as acrylic painting in her spare time. If you wish to contact Brittany you can do so by emailing BCloessner@theseawanderer.com or by commenting on Sea Wanderer's blog at wanderingwithbrittany.wordpress.com
Josh and Michele are our South Carolina representatives and have been with the Sea Wanderer since the very beginning. They dedicate their time overlooking all products and recruiting volunteers in the area when needed. They love football and spending time on the water. If you have any questions you can contact Josh or Michele by emailing reportabeach@theseawanderer.com
Stephanie is one of our NY representatives located in Staten Island. Stephanie is currently a student at Hunter College in New York City studying animal psychology. Her passion for marine biology started as a young girl from watching weekly television shows on National Geographic and Animal Planet. Her passions inspired her to volunteer at the New York Aquarium, and has since loved to educate others about marine animals the oceans, and their important roles in the world. Stephanie host beach cleanups in New York and assist Sea Wanderer with educating her community on the dangers marine pollution has on marine fisheries and their habitat. 
Heather is another representative in Staten Island, NY. For the past three years Heather has volunteered with a local animal rescue. She loves all animals big and small, on land and water. She went to school to be a make-up artist and has a huge love and passion to save sharks. This passion was brought on by watching Sharkwater and has since been dedicated to saving marine life and working to educate her community on marine debris and how it affects marine fisheries. Heather also loves the European soccer team Manchester United and wrestling. She spends her time hosting beach cleanups in the Staten Island area and doing fundraisers for Sea Wanderer.
You can reach Stephanie or Heather by emailing statenisland@theseawanderer.com.