Community Impact

Since the founding of Sea Wanderer in May 2017, we have been pursuing our mission and making a positive change in coastal communities across the United States. For information on upcoming beach cleanups and beach camps, please visit our Events page.

Teen Beach Camps:

August 2017--South Padre Island, TX

Teens Participated: 20      Volunteers: 8      Volunteer Hours: 192


Beach Cleanups:

July 2017--Staten Island, NY

Volunteers: 25        Volunteer hours: 50    Trash removed (pounds): 370

September 2017--Staten Island, NY

Volunteers: 35       Volunteer hours: 70    Trash removed (pounds): 250

November 2017--Galveston, TX

Boo Pollution Beach Cleanup, sponsored by Erica Davila
Volunteers: 4        Volunteer hours: 16     Trash removed (pounds): 8.5

East and West Coast of the Gulf Beach Cleanup
Volunteers: 4         Volunteer hours: 16    Trash removed (pounds): 6